Here With Me Tonight

If Grandpa Isaac could see me

I wonder what he'd say

Perhaps he is the voice

Behind the songs I sing and play

He remained a quite religious man

'Til God snuffed out his light

And if he could

He woulds be here tonight

If Grandpa Sophie could see me

I wonder what she'd do

Would she pinch me on the cheek and say

I'm oh so proud of you

She was a bit of a bossy busy body

She always thought that she was right

And if she could

She would be right here tonight

They made aliyah


And I never really saw them again

I garauntee ya

If they are in Jewish heaven

They'll be complaining about the room they've been given

They'll have packed a lot of extra food with em

They'll say this place is quite nice

But it could be so much better if you just took our advice

My other grandpa Grandpa Archie

Died before I was born

But there's a picture of him here

Inside this drawer all scratched and torn

I recognise my features in his face there alright

If he could he would be here tonight

My other grandma Grandma Asney

Was a difficult old bird:

She got confused and she got angry

Even before senility occurred.

She was a fiesty little woman

Always spoiling for a fight

If she could she would pick one tonight

The sefer torah gets passed round the congregation

And they kiss it like it is thery're oldest friend

The written and the oral law

The rules and regulations

They do it because they've always done

And yes they get some comfort from it

Although the world around has changed

The human condition still stays pretty much the same

Archie and Asney, Isaac, Sophie

Are dead and gone I know

But if my life is a river

Into which they're lives flow

Then by logical deduction

It must therefore be right

They are here, they are here with me tonight

Passed on down the generations is the everlasting light

I feel that they are here with me tonight.